Thursday, 24 May 2018

Monday, 21 May 2018

Letter Pages - 1

My grandson's third birthday is approaching. My gift will be a collection of letter pages using  as many meaningful connections as possible. Each letter has an introductory page and a pocket page. Like this:

Where possible, I used family members as the key word.  I won't show those pages here. My grandson will first get the letters in his name. Then I will suggest that the letters be introduced, maybe one a day, in the random order I created. Knowing alphabetical order is a skill in its way, but unrelated to letter identification, understanding letter sounds and eventually reading. 

Here are a few pocket pages:

(that is an iguana)

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Islamic Geometric Patterns - Hexagon 2

This design is from the Esrefoglu Mosque in Beysehir, Turkey (AD 1297). Once again, I could not find it represented in the wild. What I could see was that rather than carved terreacotta, the mosque is covered in glazed tiles predominately using a turquoise colour.  

This design starts like the other one, with a dynamic hexagon:

Colour added with attention to how each space works with what will be its neighbour: 

And repeated (see all the boxes?):

Adding a little complexity:

And colour. This was really tricky. I threw out lots of trials that turned out to be errors. 

 And repeated:

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Islamic Geometric Patterns - Hexagon 1

This design is from the Mustansiriya Madrasa in Bagdad, Iraq - built in AD1227. While I can find photos of the Madrasa I cannot find photos of this particular design. What is clear is that the design work is done as carving in terracotta; colour is not involved. 

First, following directions:

Showing the infrastructure: 

The red lines show the repeatable shape:

The repeatable hexagon isolated:

The experiment with colour begins:

How it works out repeated - and then I have an idea about the centre space, which is confirmed by a little more investigation - and the colour experiment continues:

Single hexagon, with colour:

Copied and placed as tiles.